Lounge Furniture rental

Furniture for events, exhibitions, presentations, events of all types – here everyone can find a place!

For the past six years we have been providing services in the furniture rental used for events, booths, parties, weddings, etc.

The range is divided into different collections, which are modular in itself, but can also be combined with each other.

Additional rental furniture can be provided such as bar stools, bar tables, illuminated bar elements. If you do not see a particular item right away, just ask. We have a strong network of partners, thus providing almost every product available on furniture rental market!

Do you have something to celebrate and you want to furnish it with cool quality lounge furniture?

Fredsack Original
Fredsack Outdoor
Fredsack Cubes - Footstool
Fredsack Loungebeds
Fredsack Nature Collection
Fredsack Graffiti
Fredsack Portfolio
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    Create your custom lounge
    Custom promotional umbrella
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