custom full color printed ADVERTISING sails with you logo or photo

We started producing custom made promotional sails because we believe in this new way of advertising. Sail your boat and increase your sales.

When you work with us, full color really means full colour. There are no limitations in the amount of colours and type of artwork. We can print your logo, photo, artwork, slogan, whatever your preference.

Available for my ship?

We produce for every type of sailing boat. From small boats to very large ships. From amateurs to competition vessels. In standard sail cloth or competion dacron, and everything in between.

What kind of sails are available?

• Mainsail (also fully battened)

• Foresails

• Genoa

• Spinnaker

• Gennaker

• Jib

• Storm Jib

All sailes are designed in a special 3D-software for the printing and the cutting. Therfore we're able to make all tri-radial and variable molded shapes.

I would like to receive an offer for a full color digital printed sail























Sailboat meets Promotional sails

Do you want your own full color printed sails on a ship, but you don't have a sailing boat. Or do you have a ship and you want to sail with promotional sails? We can help you! Contact us and we will make your sailing dreams come true. We will bring companies and sailors together.



• Produced by experts in The Netherlands

• High quality sails

• No limitations in size or the type of print

• Available for every sailing boat

• Minimum quantity is 1 sail

• 3-4 weeks delivery time

• On location measuring or installing

• Full color printing technique
















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