Custom fashion textiles prints


We print unlimited colors on a various range of textiles / fabrics. We deliver high quality prints on demand in small quantities. Due to our own production in The Netherlands we can deliver flexible and fast.




We print for everybody! Even if you only need 1 meter of fully digital printed fabric. Besides our textiles we can print on yours. Simply contact us and let us know what your demands are.




Due to our own confection we can offer you a complete product. We're specialized in the confection of women clothes.



Mondofuturo is one of our clients. This brand is a good example how to make a balanced collection between solid colors and full color printed cloting items. Their force is to react very fast on the changing fashion trends. They have small flexible collections with new items every two weeks.


Fredsack Original
Fredsack Outdoor
Fredsack Cubes - Footstool
Fredsack Loungebeds
Fredsack Nature Collection
Fredsack Graffiti
Fredsack Portfolio
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