CUSTOM printed Beanbags, Cubes, Hockers and Cushions

We are specialised in the production of promotional Eyecatchers like custom bean bags, cubes, hockers, cushions and custom shapes with digitally printed fabrics. All the products you see on this site can be personalized. We have a wide range of printing machines for every kind of job.

CHOOSE your beanbag size, color and PRINT

We produce the beanbags in various sizes and models. Our standard sizes are:

• 100x140cm (very suitable for children)

• 140x140cm

• 135x165cm

• 135x195cm

Other models are available such as a lounge bed or lounge chair.

We have a large collection of colours in our range of materials. If you prefer your own specific Pantone colors, we can dye or print the fabric.



We designed a special manual for the Custom Fredsack Beanbag and the Custom Fredsack Cubes.
Download our manual here

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For all the other products or own shapes / models, please contact us.

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These are two examples of custom made beanbag campaigns

if can be just for personal use, for your customers or for use as a promotional display.



Fredsack Original
Fredsack Outdoor
Fredsack Cubes - Footstool
Fredsack Loungebeds
Fredsack Nature Collection
Fredsack Graffiti
Fredsack Portfolio
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